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When you’re looking to install a new roof, there is a lot to say about the prerequisites of a brand new roofing system regarding how well it will be able to withstand storms. In Fort Worth, storms are, unfortunately enough, quite frequent. As a result, you’ll have to make sure that you choose the right Fort Worth roofing contractor and roofing installation that has weatherproof capabilities.


Here are a few tips on which materials you should go with:


  • Composite asphalt is a great choice, since it’s basically reinforced asphalt. It lasts longer and it’s much tougher in the face of fires and storms, which is saying something since regular asphalt shingles are notably resilient as well.
  • Metal roofing is probably the most versatile type of roofing material you can opt for. The best metal products will be able to withstand the test of time, lasting for more than 50 years and requiring just basic maintenance and very few repairs.
  • Clay and concrete can offer you the kind of support that will last a lifetime. Even though these roofing materials are somewhat more expensive and difficult to work with, they are also highly durable, usually lasting for more than 100 years, and being able to withstand even the most powerful thunderstorms and the strongest winds.