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Construction trends are shaped by numerous factors such as the available resources, buying power as well as the climate of a specific area and the trends in construction in Texas are no different – here are some of the most important tendencies right now:

  • Energy-efficient construction – even though some areas are less hot than others, Texas is generally considered a hot and dry state, so one of the aspects that has been defining construction trends and will continue to do so in the future is energy efficiency. More and more properties use alternative energy resources such as solar panels to supply their heating, cooling and energy needs


  • Sustainability – natural materials and sustainable building technologies are becoming more and more the trend.  Some of the best Dallas roofing companies have put a demand on using sustainable products.


  • Modular constructions – modular building take shorter to build and require much less energy and resources to complete, but these aspects do not compromise durability and reliability. Modular buildings are manufactured in factories, then transported to their final location and fixed in place – a quick, easy and cost-efficient way to get a perfectly decent house


  • Metal buildings – steel constructions are becoming more and more popular and they are no longer used only for storage and for industrial or commercial purposes, but as residential buildings and office buildings as well.