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texes-imgThe building industry is developing very dynamically all over the country, but rapid-paced development does not make finding good construction employees easier. If you are a upstanding Dallas roofing contractor currently hiring or planning to recruit new members for your team, here are a few tips that can make the process easier:

  • Make your ad informative and attractive – the ad needs to provide information about your company, details of the job requirements and some information about what you offer, too,
  • Request and check references – reading and evaluating references is a time-intensive and energy-consuming process, but knowing what previous employers think about the candidate you are planning to hire is very important, so take your time to go through the provided references,
  • Invite candidates to multiple rounds of interviews – the first round can be handled by your recruitment specialist, but you also need construction professionals to evaluate the knowledge of the candidates. If possible, include practical tests into the recruitment process and check experience and qualifications, but don’t forget that technical skills can be learned if the candidate has the right attitude, so look for personality and willingness to learn, rather than for a specific set of skills that can be acquired during the probation period.