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Dallas roofers are known for their ability to cover all aspects of roofing design and installation and to provide custom made roofs whenever they are needed. If you’re looking to maximize sustainable and energy-efficient design for your home, then a quality sustainable roof is just what you need to achieve that goal.


Calling on a local Dallas roofing contractor can help you get a lot of information on what the most sustainable roofing designs are. The materials involved typically include TPO and metal panel roofing for flat roofs and metal, slate tile and composite asphalt shingles for sloped roofing. Although there is a clear distinction between commercial and residential roofing, these types of roofs can be used on both kinds of buildings – as long as they have a smaller surface area – with pretty impressive results.


Solar panel roofing is not a new concept, but it has only really caught on in recent years, as the focus on global climate change increased and the solar energy technology dropped in price. A dependable solar panel roof these days will not cost you very much, and it can help you to profit from the sunny and relatively warm climate of Texas, as your roof will literally generate much of the energy that you need to heat or cool your home. That makes solar panel roofing the most energy-efficient type of roof that you can find.