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Your choice of the material and the design to be used on your new roof in Dallas should be informed not only by aspects related to practicality, such as durability and resistance to the elements, but by aesthetic aspects as well. Here are some Dallas roofing companies ideas to get a roof that is both strong and trendy:

  • Use contrasting colors – roofing materials no longer come only in shades of terracotta, grey, brown and red. They come in a variety of colors, including bold hues, such as green, black and white as well as in toned-down shades. For a trendy appearance, you can choose a dark roof color to go with a light color used on the siding or the other way around, pair a light roof color to a darker siding;
  • Choose the right finish – roofing materials are available in matte and glossy finishes as well, so you can add even more style to your building choosing a surprising, shiny color;
  • Pay attention to the gutters as well – the style and the color of the gutter pipes is also important, so browse available products until you find the best match;
  • Consider getting a green roof – the ultimate eco-friendly roof solution, a roof covered in vegetation that gets the necessary nutrients through a special irrigation system, is also among the most attractive options.