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Do you want your home to be more energy efficient? If so, your roof is one of the first places to start adding new modifications. Here are a few helpful tips from Dallas roofing companies on what steps to take to make your roof more energy efficient:


  1. Before thinking about replacing your roof with a more energy efficient one, consider upgrading it. New coating repel UV rays or weatherproof your roof can go a long way towards making it more energy efficient as well.
  2. Another option is to install new insulation. The roof is the place where the heat in your home is likely to escape more, so adding more insulation can actually reduce the load on your HVAC system.
  3. Think about adding solar panels to your existing roof. Instead of scrapping your roof and installing a full blown solar panel roof, consider adding solar panels as an add-on or DIY option. That way, your roof will remain, you won’t have to spend so much, and you’ll benefit from both the insulating and the energy generating capability of the panels themselves.
  4. You can also consider scrapping your roof and installing a more durable and energy efficient alternative. This works if you have, for example, an asphalt shingle roof, and you want to replace it with metal roofing.
  5. Finally, consider adding a green roof. Green roofing systems are highly beneficial to the environment as well as energy efficient.