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Texas Roof Roofing Contractor

Texas is a huge state with varied geography and multiple climate zones – the eastern part of the state gets humid climate, other areas are subtropical or arid and the entire state is located in the middle of Tornado Alley, with high likelihood of strong storms and hurricanes. While these special circumstances can affect the entire building envelope, they are especially harsh on roofs, so building owners need to pay special attention to the component. Here is how:

  • Material choice – the materials chosen for Texas roofs needs to be able to live up to the special climatic challenges of the region as a Dallas roofing contractor knows. Impact-resistant shingles and metal roofs have proven to be the most efficient materials;
  • Roof design – roofs that feature reduced slopes have proven to be the most efficient and the strongest in front of the high winds associated with storms;
  • Roof coatings – Texas roofs need to withstand not only high winds, but high heat as well. While many roofing materials provide high resistance to heat and UV radiation, they can all do with a little help. Fortunately, there are lots of great roof coating products available today to reduce the heat absorbed by the roofs and transferred towards the building interior.