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Water leaks are most often attributed to damaged or missing shingles, but there are also other factors that can be at the base of this problem. They must be identified properly before starting the repairs.  For professional roof repair, get in touch with contractors experienced in roofing Dallas TX homes.

Homeowners can find the source of a roof leak even without help from a professional roofer. The investigation must start when the leak occurs, because it is easier to spot water and wet areas instead of remnants of the leak. Besides, if you wait for the rain to stop, you may still have to use a garden hose and flood the roof until you detect the area where the leak originates.

Before beginning the leak location process, make sure that the leak is not caused by something else (plumbing, HVAC systems, condensation etc.). Once you are sure that the leak is caused by a problem of your roof, mark its position in the living space and try to determine if it is located under a chimney or other roof component, because in this case, the problem is probably related to that component.

If there is nothing but shingles above the leak, there are two possibilities:

  • the shingles are broken
  • the leak occurs somewhere else on the roof, but the water travels away from the leak source.