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Slate is considered by many roofers and homeowners to be the best roofing material ever. Made from unique, manually selected slabs of natural stone, slate roofs come with lots of benefits and also a few things to know about on the other side. Here are some important features of slate roofs:

  • extraordinary durability – slate is currently the longest lasting roofing material. The roofs constructed from the pieces of natural stone are known to stay strong for over a century;
  • unparalleled appearance – spectacular curb appeal is certainly one of the features that account for the ongoing popularity of slate roofing. due to the manual manufacturing process, no two slabs are ever the same, they are all different in terms of colors as well as in terms of the graining;
  • installation – slate roofs are installed one piece of stone at a time and the process requires a roofer who specializes in handling slate;
  • repairs and maintenance – slate roofs are not only durable, they are also very resistant, which means that they hardly ever develop damage. In extreme cases, the individual pieces might become damaged by very strong impact, but the repair is usually very simple if done by experts in roofing Dallas TX homes and it involves only the removal and the replacement of the damaged component;
  • weight and price – these two aspects should also be taken into consideration before choosing the option. Slate is the heaviest and the most expensive of all roofing materials, suitable only for solid buildings able to hold up the heavy roof and for people who have the right kind of money.