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Roof Inspection Time Spring Fort Worth Roofing Company

Winter is the season when your roof is most subject to environmental factors. We are talking about ice, strong wind, frost, etc., and all these phenomena can seriously damage the roof of your home if it is not maintained and prepared properly. Therefore, the Spring is a great time to have your roof inspected, to make sure that it has come out of the winter in good shape, or to make the necessary repairs in time to prevent their aggravation.

Here are some of the things you need to be very careful about when checking your old Fort Worth roof:

  • Roof cover

Whether we are talking about a cover made of common asphalt shingles or of premium ceramic tiles, it must be inspected very carefully. To do this, make sure that there are no loose, broken or even missing tiles/ shingles that could affect the functionality of your roof.

Do not overlook any small flaws in the hope that it is not a big problem, because you only delude yourself and you will sooner or later face much bigger problems, such as water infiltrations, heat loss or even damage to the resistance structure of the roof.

  • Pluvial system

Make sure your gutters and downspouts are intact and free of leaves and other debris that might have accumulated during the winter season.

  • Attic windows

The area around the windows must be cleaned and there should be no problem with the window’s closing system or sealing frame.  The best thing to do is to have a Fort Worth roofing company out for annual maintenance, and to take care of any small roof repair that is needed.