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When it comes to choosing the best roofer for any type of work (new roof installation, repairs, maintenance, replacement), the best thing is to focus on local companies.

A local roofer is a part of your community, not an impersonal company with multiple locations throughout the country. Its office can be quite close to you, so you can meet face to face. It is also much easier to verify its reputation, because most former customers are also members of your community.

Obviously, local roofers are particularly interested in maintaining a very good reputation, considering that their business is mostly based on repeat customers and local referrals.

Another important argument for choosing a local roofer is related to building codes. These codes vary by city and state, but by hiring a local roofer, you will not have to worry about this aspect. A roofing company signs the permits, so it is in its best interest to know and comply with current building codes.

A local roofer like https://lonsmith.com/ also has a faster response in case of roof emergencies, which is very important, considering that unexpected roof damage is quite overwhelming for most people; getting immediate help is highly appreciated.