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Roofing During Holidays Merry Christmas Happy New Year

Being faced with a leaking roof or with other roofing emergencies can be overwhelming and any roof repair intervention is more difficult when the air around is freezing. Finding one of the reliable Dallas roofing companies who is willing to work during the winter holidays is also more challenging than in other periods of the year. However, there is a solution to any problem, so here are a few tips that can make winter roof repairs easier:

  • Think of a temporary solution – if the problem is very serious and a reliable roofer seems impossible to find, try to mitigate the problem until roofers become available again. Try to cover the entire roof or the damaged area with a weather-resistant barrier to prevent further damage and continue looking for the right roofer;
  • Search online for a roofer who provides emergency services – these roofers usually work very quickly;
  • Consider DIY roofing repair. If you feel comfortable working on a roof, you possess suitable personal protection equipment and fall arrest systems as well as tools and materials, you can attempt smaller repairs, such as the replacement of a few shingles or tiles. However, you need to be very careful during the process:  include regular breaks that you spend in a warm environment and don’t attempt any repairs that exceed your skills.