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Fort Worth’s climate comes with stormy springs and hot, humid summers. Extreme weather events are also frequent all year around. These conditions are very demanding on local roofs, which means that some types of roofing materials will not be suitable for this climate zone. Here are some types of materials that are better avoided in the region:

  • Very thin asphalt shingles – these materials might be great options for milder climates, but they do not provide the right amount of protection for the roofs in Fort Worth. That does not mean that asphalt shingles are not a good option for the Fort Worth region, but if you prefer this type of material it’s a good idea to look for thicker, higher end varieties.
  • Standing seam metal roofs – this solution is very popular for the flat roofs on residential or on commercial buildings in regions that don’t get high winds. However, a standing seam metal roof isn’t the best option for a windy area like Fort Worth. This is because the seams make it easier for the wind to reach underneath the panels and rip them off.
  • Wood – wooden roofs might be an attractive solution that confers a luxurious, classic appearance, but the high humidity that occasionally characterizes Fort Worth’s climate can easily damage wooden roofs.  As with any professional desired results with home improvement, talking with the right Fort Worth roofing contractor that has years of experience in the roofing industry is recommended.