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roofforvetsLon Smith Roofing is proud to support the men and women who keep this nation free. We believe that America is the land of the free only because it is the home of the brave. But too many of those brave warriors are living in poor housing conditions. Some need roofing repairs or even a new roof.

That’s where the Lon Smith “Roof for Vets” program comes in. We take nominations from friends or family of warriors who need help with their roofs. We carefully review each nominee and select a winner who has served our country with honor and who deserves a new roof. Then we come out and build a new roof. It’s that simple.

It’s just another way to show that Lon Smith cares and Lon Smith cares deeply about our veterans.

If you know a veteran who needs roofing assistance, nominate your hero today.

If you have any questions, contact  Jordan White or call 817-926-8400.



On September 30-October 1, wounded warriors from around the country joined President George W. Bush for the annual Warrior 100K bike race at the Bush Ranch in Crawford. Lon Smith Roofing was proud to help sponsor the event and to help provide funding for the three-wheeled bike used by Major Peter Way. Lon Smith Vice President of Sales Scott Hamilton joined President Bush at the event.

“This is just another way we at Lon Smith Roofing can help honor those who have honored us with their service,” Hamilton said



“Lon Smith Roofing is a company that does much more than make profit, it makes a difference for our entire community.” Congressman Roger Williams

“I hope that God blesses Lon Smith and that they can help others just like they helped me.” Richard Overton


“I can remember coming back from Vietnam and we we’re spat at, cussed at, and disrespected,” Cleveland said. “That is all behind us now. It is up to our country’s leaders to encourage everyone to support our troops.”

“Roof for Vets is a great example of how the private sector works,” Williams said. “There is no government involved today.”


On November 4th, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush joined the Lon Smith team at a ceremony in Carrollton, Texas honoring disabled veteran Joseph Tienter.

“While I am proud of the work the Texas General Land Office is doing for our veterans, the government can only do so much,” Commissioner Bush said. “We need more companies like Lon Smith that are stepping up and honoring our veterans.”

The Tienters’ roof had major damage to it and any time it rained the water got in the house. Now, thanks to the Roof for Vets program, the Tienters have a brand new roof free of charge.

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