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new gutters needed leak repair lon smith roofing helpRe-roofing is a laborious project that nobody wants to do, but it must be done because it will provide better protection to the entire building and it is also a possibility to enhance your roof with some upgrades, making it more functional, beautiful and durable.

So, if you think about a re-roofing project, you should find a reliable Dallas roofing company and start planning the best upgrades for your roof.

You may want to take into account the following five:

  1. Replace your regular chimney cap with an airtight solution. This will not only keep birds and critters away from your chimney, but will also help you to save energy, by preventing the warm indoor air to gush out the chimney.
  2. Install eave flashing. Eve flashing refers to peel-and-stick bituminous membranes that are applied before installing the roof cover materials, 2 feet inside the exterior wall plane. They seal over the eves and prevent ice dam formation, in the cold season.
  3. Improve the ventilation of your roof

Particularly in the Dallas climate, it is very important to not overlook the importance of roof ventilation, in order to prevent heat buildup in the attic and moisture-related problems that will speed up the damaging of the roof.

  1. Choose energy-efficient roofing materials

Make sure you opt for naturally reflective shingles (e.g. metal shingles) or for an energy-efficient solution (e.g. wood shakes, ceramic tiles etc.)

  1. Install new gutters and protect them with gutter guards, for reducing the necessary maintenance operation and ensure proper water drainage.

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