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Dallas roofing providers often point out that the difference between an energy efficient roof and one that isn’t particularly safe or efficient is often very small in terms of the capital you need. A clear distinction, for example, is the one between metal and wood shake roofs. While wood might be a good choice for some areas in the north, the hot and dry climate in Texas favors metal, which is low-maintenance and energy efficient.


The same type of distinction can be made between virtually any type of roof and a dependable solar panel roof. If your goal is to ensure true energy efficiency, then what better solution to opt for than a roof that literally provides you with sustainable energy from sunlight. Dallas receives an annual of just about 230 days of sunshine per year, which can deliver an impressive amount of energy even with a smaller solar array.


Moreover, solar roofing allows you to maximize the number of solar panels you can install on your roof to not only keep a few panels here and there, but to even cover the entire square footage of your roof for increased energy output. As a result, your investment will definitely pay off, especially since solar roofing providers in Dallas are known for building installations that last a long time without the need for frequent repairs.  For all your roofing options see https://www.lonsmith.com/.