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Roofing Company Preventive Measures Annual Maintenance Plan

Hailstorms are usually short-lived, but extremely violent, therefore responsible building owners need to take every precaution measure they can to prevent or to mitigate the risk or hail damage. In most cases, hail damage cannot be entirely prevented, but here are some preventive measures that can reinforce your roof and can help it, whatever the next storm brings:

  • Proper maintenance is essential – have a Fort Worth roofing company perform a thorough inspection of your roof when the weather is calm. Look for signs of aging and damage and make sure to fix every fault, even the smallest, hairline crack. Do the same on the gutters – check the fasteners, the joints, the downspouts and correct every fault before the next storm. Pay special attention to gutter cleanliness as well – any clogging can hinder the effectiveness of the gutters and can cause extensive water damage;
  • Trim your trees – if you have trees with limbs overhanging the roof or located in the proximity of the building, check their health and cut off any weakened branch that might be torn off by a storm and dropped onto the roof;
  • Maintain your entire outdoor area – any landscape object that can be lifted by winds poses risks, so try to reduce the number of such movable items to the minimum and also consider replacing any gravel on your pathways or on your driveway with safer materials, such as asphalt.