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At Lon Smith Roofing, we believe that honoring out veterans requires more than just our words, it requires our actions.  That’s why we are so proud of our “Roof for Vets” program that helps veterans in need get a roof installed for free.


But there are many other ways to honor our veterans.  And all of us can do our part.  One such person who has found a unique way to help is President George W. Bush.  Today, his publisher announced that he will release a new book in 2017 called, “Portraits of Courage.”  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/george-w-bush-to-release-paintings-book-on-veterans-in-2017/


The book will feature paintings of real American warriors that President Bush painted with his own hands.  And it will include brief descriptions written by President Bush of the heroic acts of each veteran.


As President Bush’s office said today: “His hope in sharing these portraits is that other veterans and everyday Americans are inspired to overcome any obstacles they may face and live life to the fullest.”


What a great mission.  And it’s a mission we all can share in.  At Lon Smith Roofing, we are committed to doing our part.