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One of the most important factors considered by homeowners when they decide to get a new roof installed is the longevity of their new structure. The amount of time that your newly built roof can actually spend on your building depends on many things – here are some factors that determine roof life:

  • The material – each type of roofing material offers a specific lifespan. For example, conventional asphalt shingles are usually warranted for up to 20 years; metal roofs can live for up to 70 years, while clay and cement tiles can easily last for a century;
  • The climate – the roofs in calm, moderate climates usually last longer than the roofs in areas that get frequently hit by huge storms or that get extreme temperatures;
  • Correct installation – the lifespan of your roof will also depend on the quality of the installation. Any mistake made during the roofing process will lead to premature roof damage and shorter roof life;
  • Maintenance – roofs and the systems associated with the roof, including the gutters and the vents, need regular maintenance consisting of six-monthly inspections by companies like Lon Smith Roofing, followed by cleaning and repairs, if necessary. Neglecting those maintenance duties will inevitably shorten the life of the roof.