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Signs Your Dallas Home Needs a New Roof

Dallas is an amazing city, but its climate can be harsh on roofs, causing premature aging and damage that can only be fixed through complete replacement. Here are some signs that your home in Dallas is in urgent need of a new roof: Extensive curling on your shingle...

On Average How Long Does a New Roof Last?

One of the most important factors considered by homeowners when they decide to get a new roof installed is the longevity of their new structure. The amount of time that your newly built roof can actually spend on your building depends on many things – here are some...

Can You Put a Metal Roof on Your Home?

Metal roofs are feature-rich and versatile – small wonder they enjoy such popularity all over the country. If you are considering a metal system for your next roof, but you are not entirely sure whether it is a good solution, here are some of the most convincing...

*Storm Alert*Was Your Home Affected By The Recent Storm?

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