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If you are currently planning to put your Fort Worth property out on the market and you are currently browsing architectural and design trends to make your property look as attractive as possible, here are a few of the latest design trends that determine homeowner choices related to roofs:

  • Bold colors and unusual textures – one of the latest design trends is to have roofs that feature unusual colors and textures. In the past, shades of brown and terracotta used to be the trend and all roofs were matte, but today, you can see roofs painted in shiny blue or green.
  • The installation of gutter guards – people have less and less time available for performing work around the house and that includes gutter cleaning as well. This lack of time makes gutter guards a very trendy and very popular device – the half pipes or the long pieces of sponge-like material or mesh that are installed inside the gutter pipes prevent the clogging of the pipes and prolongs the life of the drainage system attached to the roof as well.
  • Efficient and attractive vents – another trend in roofing is to choose roof vents that are not only efficient, but also attractive and matching the other architectural features that dominate the building design.  Roofing companies like Lon Smith Roofing can conduct a roof inspection and make any necessary repairs, as well as install a new roof to increase your property value.