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EPDM and metal roofing are two of the best solutions for flat or low sloped roofs. Both roofing materials ensure a high level of protection for the roof they are installed on, making it durable and resistant in any conditions.  But which one is the most suitable for homes and buildings in Fort Worth?

Any professional Fort Worth roofing company will tell you that, considering the local climate, metal roofing is the better choice.

A metal roof has a naturally reflective property which means that it can contribute to increasing the energy efficiency of the building, by preventing the heat to be absorbed and transferred indoors. In this way you will not have to power on your air conditioner so often, so you will save on your energy bills.

On the other side, EPDM membranes are known as better solutions four buildings situated in colder and less sunny climates, because they are manufactured in dark gray color, which ensures heat absorption.

However, you can still make an EPDM roof more energy efficient, even in Dallas’ climate, by covering the membrane with a white liquid coating.  Besides making the roof reflective, it will also add an extra layer of protection, which will seal any imperfection and prolong the lifespan of the roof with 5 to 8 years.