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Lon Smith Roofing Honors WWII “Hellcat” Pilot with New Roof

Dallas, Texas—Lon Smith Roofing, the largest residential roofing company in Texas, today honored another veteran with another free roof as part of its “Roof for Vets” program.  The program was begun in 2015 and installs a new roof at no charge once a quarter for a worthy veteran in need. Today, the recipient was James Hurst, a 91-year-old veteran of World War II and Korea who flew F-6 “Hellcats” in combat.

“Thanks to men like this, our freedom was secured,” said Scott Hamilton, Vice President for Sales at Lon Smith Roofing.  “Thanks to heroes like this, America remains the greatest country in the world.”

“I’m so honored Lon Smith Roofing is doing this for me,” said Mr. Hurst as the roof was being installed on his house in Dallas.  “The roof has been leaking and I really had no way to pay for a new roof.”

Mr. Hurst was a US Naval aviator in World War II and Korea.  He flew the F-6 “Hellcat” and became an ace pilot.  After one of the many flights he made, he was landing the plane on the aircraft carrier and the nose gear collapsed.  A fire ensued and he suffered broken bones.  But he survived and continued to serve.

Today, the 91-year-old lives in Dallas and is 100 percent disabled with his military service being the leading cause of his disability.

“Mr. Hurst, on behalf of Lon Smith Roofing, we want to thank you for your valiant service to our country,” Hamilton said as the ceremony in front of the Hurst house concluded. “Providing you with a new roof is the least we can do to say ‘thanks.’”

For more information about “Roof for Vets” and about Lon Smith Roofing, go to www.lonsmith.com.