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Local man is the latest recipient of the “Roof for Vets” program

FORT WORTH, TEXAS—Lon Smith Roofing, the largest roofing company in North Texas, today presented Navy Veteran Wayne Rooks with a brand-new roof.  Rooks was chosen as this quarter’s recipient of the Roof for Vets program that honors local veterans who need a new roof but might not have the resources to purchase one.

“The Roof for Vets program is about honoring our veterans the best way we know how,” said Lon Smith Executive Scott Hamilton in making the announcement.  “So many have given so much to this country.  And Texas is home to more veterans than any other state in the country.  So, the Roof for Vets program is our way of finding those who have served us and installing a new roof at no charge.”

Lon Smith Roofing began the Roof for Vets program five years ago.  Each year, the company selects a local veteran in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for each quarter of the year. A free roof is then installed for the veteran.  This quarter the recipient was Wayne Rooks.  The Fort Worth man served four years in the United States Navy from 1967-71.  He has lived in Fort Worth for years and several years ago faced a serious battle with throat cancer which he successfully won.  Still, he faces challenges at home. The roof on his house leaks and the Rooks family uses a pan to collect water inside the house when it rains.

“No veteran should have to suffer from the elements because of a faulty roof,” Hamilton said. “And now, Mr. Rooks won’t have to worry about it.  The roof we installed is high quality and will last for years.  And we are honored to be able to do this at no charge to the Rooks family.”

Hamilton added that with the recent hailstorm many people will experience roof damage and that they should not hesitate to get them inspected.  “Many people will need to get a new roof,” he said.  “Mr. Rooks already needed one and he won’t have to worry about this problem anymore.”

To learn more information about the Roof for Vets program, go to lonsmith.com.