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Lon Smith Roofing: Helping Vets Is Not About Us

For the last two years, Lon Smith Roofing has seen record years of growth.  After the North Texas storms of 2016, we helped thousands of North Texas with their roofing needs.  It’s been one of the busiest times in the history of our company.

But as we look back over that period, we don’t view that growth as our greatest accomplishment.  Yes, we are proud of every roof we install for every customer.  And yes, we are proud to be the largest roofing contractor in the state.

But here is what is different about us – it’s not about us.  We are a company that cares about its neighbors.  We care about our community.  And we care about our common future.

That’s why we began the Roof for Vets program two years ago.  It’s a unique process that allows citizens to nominate friends of theirs who have served in the military but who might not have the financial ability to pay for a new roof.  Once the veteran is nominated, we carefully go through the application and select a worthy veteran every quarter of the year to receive a new roof … at no charge.

What are we proudest of at Lon Smith Roofing?  Our Roof for Vets program.  We hope it’s been a blessing to the veterans we’ve served; and we know the veterans we have served have been a blessing to us.

Each time we build a free roof for a vet, we get to meet the vet and hear their story.  These are extraordinary men and women who have worn the uniform, been willing to sacrifice everything and kept us safe.  They don’t ask for any attention; in many cases they don’t even know they have been nominated for this program.  Each time, they are grateful and appreciative.

So, we are ready to get our 2017 Roof for Vets program going.  We are currently taking nominations on our website at www.lonsmith.com. All you have to do is log on and fill out the form the nominate a veteran who could use a new roof.

President Reagan once said that America is the land of the free only because it is the home of the brave.  And at Lon Smith Roofing, we believe we all have a role to play in honoring the brave men and women who have kept so safe for so long.

We urge all Americans to look for ways to help veterans.  For more information about all the needs of our veterans, visit the George W. Bush Presidential Center to learn about President Bush’s incredible work with veterans www.bushcenter.org.  Look for ways to help our veterans as they transition back into civilian life.

And if nothing else, say a prayer of thanks for our veterans.

At Lon Smith Roofing, we will proudly continue Roof for Vets because it’s not about us … it’s about our veterans.

David Cox serves as the President and CEO of Lon Smith Roofing based in Fort Worth