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The quality of the roof on the property you are planning to sell is a major factor that will determine the asking price as well as the time that your property will spend on the market. While getting a new roof is a project that is much more complex and much more expensive than adding a fresh coat of painting in your rooms or to your building exterior, a new roof is certainly an investment that will add considerable value to your property.

According to the statistics, around 70% of the investment made into a new roof can be recouped from the sale price and a new roof is also known to make the selling process faster. The roof is usually one of the first things that serious buyers will look at. While a sagging, worn or visibly crumbling roof will drive away buyers, a solid new roof will invite them to make a good offer. If you decide to get the old roof replaced before the sale, you can also get a roofing certificate for it to prove how serious you are about selling reliable quality – the document issued by your roofer will include all the major details of your roof, including roof age, the material it is made from and the expected lifespan.  Talk with https://www.lonsmith.com/ for some of your best roofing options available.