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weather conditions roofing contractor recommendationsRoof replacement is a procedure and an activity that requires comfortably warm conditions, therefore most roofers provide roof replacement services only between spring and fall, never in winter. However, the truth is that roof replacement is possible in winter as well, provided that certain conditions can be fulfilled. Here are some things to know about roof replacements among the difficult conditions of winter to help you figure out whether that is what you want, indeed:

  • Expect the process to take longer to complete – some roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, can only be handled when the ambient temperature is not very low. Among freezing conditions, the shingles will become brittle, which will render them unusable for installation purposes. Other materials are known to contract when they are exposed to extreme cold which will also compromise the quality of the installation process;
  • Severe thermal discomfort for roofing teams – workers should not be performing any work for longer than a couple of hours at a time if the weather is extremely cold outside;
  • Dangerous conditions on the roof – surfaces tend to become slippery in winter, which makes roofing installation work more dangerous and more difficult, even when the members of the roofing team where the right type of safety gear.  With every winter being a little different from the last, it’s best to check with a Fort Worth roofing contractor to get their recommendations.