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metal roof roofing contractor Dallas Install Guidelines


Whether you are planning to build a new roof, or to change your existing roof, one of the most effective solutions is to opt for a metal roof. Given the variety of options offered by manufacturers, in order to be successfully when making such an investment, it is recommended to be very well informed, from the very beginning.

Unlike some other roofing solutions, a metal roof has a number of particularities —and most of them are advantages! One of them is the ease of installation.

Metal roofs are much more lightweight compared to most solutions for covering buildings. For instance, while concrete tiles can have a weight of 20 kg/sqm, metal shingles weigh up to just 7 kg/sqm. A metal roof can be installed even over an existing roofing system, without disassembling it, and it is suitable for any type of construction, regardless of its structure.

A metal shingle or a metal panel can cover 1 sqm of roof area, or even more. Also, given their low weight and malleability, the installation time will decrease tremendously. This can also translate into lower labor costs.

Each type of metal roof has its own fastening method, so a professional roofing contractor Dallas area will always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.