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The installation of a new roof is a complex process and usually one that generates lots of debris, too. Here are some things to know about how that debris is handled:

  • It all depends on your agreement with the roofer – ideally, no roofing project should be started without an accurate and detailed roofing cost estimate that itemizes all the services and materials included in the price and without a contract that records all the terms of your agreement with the roofer. Both documents should include a part about landscape cleaning – if you agree with the roofer that they clean the area around the house and dispose of the debris, your cost estimate and your contract, should have related clauses; if the roofer does not provide a cleaning service, the contract and the estimate should state that. Be aware that your roofer will only perform the services that are included in the documents, nothing more;
  • Site preparation – the best way to minimize the impact of the debris generated during the roofing process is to use lots of foil to cover your lawn, your vegetation and your pathways. Like in the case of the clean-up, these preventive services are also provided based on your agreement with the roofer and they should be itemized in the estimate as well as in the contract.  With a company like Lon Smith Roofing you can be rest assured that the careful cleanup will be done, and the landscaping around your home will not be affected.