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Older home purchase new roofing project replace old roofThe answer to this question depends on how much money you can still invest after purchasing the house (because the roof will have to be replaced!) and on how much effort you are willing to make to bring your home up to adequate standards.

Most prospective buyers look for houses with new roofs, and sellers know this. They typically invest in a roof renovation before putting the house up for sale, as this operation raises the value of the traded property. If the roof is not new, most people interested in purchasing the house will ask for a home report inspection that reveals the roof’s current state. That`s because they prefer having a good roof above their head already, instead of starting to plan a roofing Dallas TX project themselves and going through all the hassle associated with it.

Besides, you cannot ignore that a house with an old roof may have hidden damage. The protective potential of a roof decreases as time goes by, and, as a buyer, you cannot be sure that the roof has been regularly maintained. For example, when it is too late, you may discover that you have bought a house with structural damage caused by water infiltration.

So, make your decision about purchasing a new house with an old damaged roof only after consulting with a specialist!