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Did you know that, in many cases, roof cover defects can go unnoticed for quite a while? Unfortunately, in such cases, when the damage is identified eventually, it is often too late because it is already extensive, and the repairs are no longer effective.

If the roof slope is adequate, the thermal insulation allows the absorption of water (e.g., mineral wool), the waterproofing membrane “breathes”, and the vapor barrier is airtight, then it is very likely that a defect in the roof cover will not produce immediately observable infiltrations. But if something is not visible, it doesn’t mean it does not exist. On the contrary, during all this time between the occurrence and observation of the defect, the thermal insulation will likely be soaked with water, losing its thermal properties, the roof structure may become heavier and rot due to moisture, high humidity and mold can make their appearance in the indoor space, and water infiltrations can cause important damage.

To prevent such a scenario, you must inspect your roof periodically, with the experience and help a of Fort Worth roofing contractor. They have experience in detecting problems and nothing will be overlooked. In addition, they also have professional equipment (e.g., infrared systems, with which hidden damages, such as water infiltrations, can be identified).