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Impact Resistant New Roof Roofing Company

Certain shingle materials offer better protection than others against stormy conditions. In this respect, modified asphalt roofing shingles are more flexible and resistant to wind and hail. Other impact resistant materials include aluminum, resin, plastic and copper.

They are certainly worth the investment, paying off in the long run. Resistant shingles have been around for quite awhile in the construction market. The positive feedback they generally received encouraged researchers and producers to continue in this direction. Thus, for instance, a new type of material was recently used to produce shingles, namely engineered polymers. This type of material proved to be tough and impenetrable, helping people provide their roofs with an amazing protection system.

The most impact resistant shingles are the so-called “class 4” shingles. In order to receive this type of classification, roofing shingles have to go through some rigorous testing. This classification is done by Underwriters’ Laboratory, an independent organization who worked with the Institute of Business and Home Safety.

In certain regions where hail and heavy storm occur more frequently, there are also insurance companies which can offer discounts. And due to such discounts, people may invest in more resistant shingles.  Roofing companies such as Lon Smith Roofing use the latest and best roofing materials and techniques, offering a wide selection of roofing products.