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Know How Much Roofing Repair Needed

The humid subtropical climate of Dallas is hard on local roofs, one of the effects of the harsh, capricious weather being shortened life for local roofs. While many roof faults can be repaired, if your roof seems to be in a continuous need of repairs or if the faults are too severe, that might indicate you should start saving up for a new roof. Here are some clues about how much repair is too much:

  • Recurring leaks – if you repair one leak and another one appears close to the first one or in a completely different area of the roof, it is a sign that the strength of your roof has become compromised at the level of the roof covering as well as in the deeper layers and you should start thinking of a replacement solution;
  • Corrosion – whatever alloy is used on your roof, sooner or layer corrosion will take its toll. If your metal roof displays large rusty patches, it is a clear sign that your old roof needs to go;
  • Roof sagging – sagging is a very severe form of roof damage caused by the aging and weakening of the roof’s support structure. If your roof seems to develop strange, difficult to identify leaks and you always see some droplets of water in the attic, then you notice that your roof ridge and the slopes are no longer straight, it is a good idea to start considering roof replacement.  Lon Smith Roofing of Dallas is a great place to start when thinking about hiring roofing professionals.