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Slate Roofing Fireproof Roof Material Roofer Installed

Most firefighters and roofing experts with a local Fort Worth roofing company agree that there is no such thing as a completely fire-proof roof, but reasonable fire resistance can be achieved. Here is how:

  • Choosing fire-resistant materials – the material that your roof is built from is the most important factor that determines your roof’s fire resistance. Roofing materials are rated from the point of view of how resistant they are to fire, with Class A materials being the best options. Metal, clay and cement tiles and fiberglass-based shingles are usually Class A rated, widely available, easy to install and to maintain solutions that are safe to use in any fire-prone area;
  • Installation techniques – one of the major causes of roof fires is the gaps between the roof covering and the sheathing. If those gaps are large enough for birds and rodents to climb in and build nests, the entire roof can lose its fire-retardant capacities in a second and get ignited by a flying ember. To prevent that, the installation process needs to be performed with extra care and existing gaps need to be plugged;
  • Regular maintenance – roof maintenance includes the removal of any debris from the roof surface and from the gutters, therefore it is essential for maximizing the roof’s ability to withstand flames.