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Finding a trustworthy professional for your building or home repair projects is not easy, but our tips about how to hire a trustworthy contractor will hopefully make the process easier:

  • Get recommendations – find out whether there is someone in your family, among your friends and coworkers who worked with a contractor that they found reliable and professional.  When it comes to your roof, look for experts with experience in roofing Dallas TX homes, ask a neighbor for a recommendation.


  • Do a search engine query to find more contractors in your area – check previous clients, service type and reputation, too


  • Interview potential contractors on the phone or talk to them in person, depending on the nature of your project, it might be a good idea to invite the contractor to take a look at the future job site


  • Request written quotes from them that you should compare in terms of the services included, material price, labor fees, warranty and proposed deadlines,
  • Make the final decision based not only on the price, but on the service quality offered as well


  • Get everything in writing at the end – the agreement with your contractor should include every major aspect of the job you will be paying for, including details of the materials to be used, the composition of the team that will work on your project, the final completion date and payment scheduling.