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roof repair roofing contractor structure replacementStructural roof damage is the most serious form of damage that can affect a roof, damage that involves the deterioration of the roof’s support structure and is often irremediable. Structural roof damage can be caused by many things, from ponding water that seeps into the deeper layer of the roof and damages the wooden beams and the trusses to the addition of an adjacent building that compromises the stability of the entire building and from design problems to incorrect roof modifications. The repair of this type of damage is usually a process that is as complex as the problem itself, with the adequate repair action being determined based on the severity of the problem as well as based on the cause.

If your roof shows the signs of such structural damage, your Fort Worth roofing company will check each and every roofing component to determine the source of the problem, then the contractor will propose possible solutions. Structural damage is not always repairable – in some cases, such as in the case of severe sagging, the only safe and responsible solution is the removal of the entire roof and complete roof replacement, with compromises or golden middle way solutions being very rarely possible.