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Roofing Trends Roof Design Contractors

Roofing design, just like any other field of building design, is governed by regional and global trends – here are some that are shaping Texas roofs today:

  • New roofing materials – while shingles, clay and cement tiles and metal roofs are still the most common roofing solutions, new materials that harness the power of the sun that is so strong in Texas are becoming increasingly popular. Solar panels and photovoltaic cells are among the latest, trendiest materials these days;
  • Cool roofs – cool roofing materials are also enjoying great popularity. Cool roofs are of light colors (cream, tan, white, beige, light grey, light blue and light green are among the most common cool roof colors) and use special, reflective coatings that prevent the roof from absorbing solar heat;
  • Materials resistant to storms and impact – the increasing frequency of devastating storms in Texas has directed increased interest toward impact-resistant solutions, such as special shingles. These materials also offer efficient protection from high winds;
  • Flat roofs – high winds can damage pitched roofs more easily, in many cases ripping them off completely, therefore more and more property owners prefer flat roofs that are not as easily damaged because they don’t have surfaces that can be caught by winds.

No matter what type of roofing you choose, have an expert Dallas roofing contractor do the job.