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An average-sized new roof can cost between $5,000 and $10,000, but the exact price that you will have to pay for your new roof depends on many factors. Here are some:

  • The size of your roof – the larger the roof, the more material goes into it and the more work is needed to complete the installation, so the size will be directly proportional with the size;
  • The complexity of the roof design – simple roofs, that consist of one slop or of two slopes meeting at the top are cheaper to install than complicated designs with lots of opening, dormers and other features;
  • The material you use – roofing materials come in a very wide range of types, quality levels and pricing categories. Asphalt shingles, for example, are the cheapest options, metal roofing systems are medium-priced and tile roofs are the most expensive options;
  • Labor rates – not all roofers work for the same rates and the fees are different in towns, cities and in rural areas. To make the best decision, you should collect three or four roofing cost estimates from various contractors, then you should analyze what each of the offers includes and you should make your final decision about the roofer to hire only after you have a general image of the prices practiced in your area.  It’s best to get several quotes from a Fort Worth roofing contractor before making a decision.