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Slate is the longest-lived roofing material used today. Made from pieces of stone that have taken millions of years to form and that have been around for millions of years, slate roofs can provide a longevity of at least a century. However, that impressive longevity can also be influenced by many factors – here are some:

  • Installation – slate is a material that is special in many ways. While it offers outstanding strength, it is also quite brittle and fragile among certain circumstances, such as while being handled for installation. The material can get easily damaged if not manipulated with sufficient care and attention, therefore any slate roof requires installation by an experienced and qualified Dallas roofing contractor;
  • Extreme weather – slate roofs can stand up to a lot, but the weather events that come with strong and fast air movements and with impact can harm them. The most common examples are extremely large hail and huge tree limbs dropped on the stone by harsh winds. However, the special structure of slate roofs makes the easy to repair – being made from individual pieces of stone, in case one or two of the components gets cracked or chipped, it is enough to replace only the damaged pieces, without having to remove the entire row.