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Hail Roofing Companies Fix Damage Dallas Weather Elements

The roof on your Dallas roof endures a lot to protect your building and your household – here are some of the ways that local roofing structures are affected by the weather:

  • Effects of the sun – sunshine comes with heat as well as with UV radiations, both taking their toll on roofs. While solar heat can raise the temperature of roofs to the level that it is harmful for the materials the roof is made from, UV radiation accelerates the chemical and physical processes at work in the materials, causing them to become weaker and to age prematurely;
  • The effects of water – water damage is a common form of roof fault, even in dry regions, such as where Dallas is located. If water can get underneath the shingles or tiles on your roof, it will cause harm in the deeper layers of the roof, eventually causing leaks;
  • The effects of winds – strong air movements can get underneath the components of your roof and lift them or even completely remove them. The areas around the roof perimeters are especially sensitive to high winds;
  • Hail – the ice balls associated with hailstorms are especially harmful for the roofing materials sensitive to impact, such as slate, clay or cement.  Be sure to have one of the best Dallas roofing companies on your speed dial for emergency roof repair after a storm hits.