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The last decade has been the warmest in human history, and extreme weather events (floods, forest fires, droughts, storms, etc.) are becoming more frequent, causing damage across the globe. We are in a race against the clock to adapt to a rapidly changing climate. Buildings must be prepared to protect ourselves from the effects of global warming, but also to minimize their impact on the climate by reducing carbon emissions.

Climate change already affected the roofing industry In Dallas. Given that the future can bring an increased risk of degradation of materials and even of the structural integrity of buildings, with significant loss of value, roofing manufacturers are focused on innovation, on improving the already existing roofing Dallas TX solutions but also on creating new, durable and resistant materials.

Another priority is the popularization of solar roofs, which, besides specific protection, also represent one of the most efficient solutions for producing electricity from renewable sources. Nowadays, besides solar panels, which have been on the market for a while now, there are also solar shingles.

Solar energy is that form of electromagnetic energy whose source is the sun. For this reason, it is considered a sustainable and eco-friendly energy. Its benefits are numerous and include  reducing greenhouse gas emissions.