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low slope roofing company installation advice

Flat roofs, also called low sloping roofs, due to the fact that no roof is ever completely flat, are sleek, modern roofs that are suitable for a variety of applications and for a variety of climates. Texas is one of the climate zones where low sloping roof structures are especially beneficial – here is why:

  • safe and unaffected by strong storms – one of the problems that the buildings that use sloping roofs in Texas might encounter is that the roofing materials that form the sloping side of the roof are more exposed to the high winds that so often hit the area. Low sloping structures, on the other hand, are almost completely safe from these strong winds;
  • reflectivity – as a general rule, the lighter the color of the roof, the more efficiently it reflects solar heat. While most sloping roofs use colorful covering materials to fulfill not only practical, but also is aesthetic requirements, low sloping roofs are practically invisible, therefore they can be of any color. Roofing manufacturers are well aware of this aspect, that is why most of the materials used for building flat roofs are available in plain white;
  • Suitability for the establishing of rooftop gardens – Texas is badly in need of green vegetation and rooftop gardens are a great way off getting that vegetation.  The advice of a Fort Worth roofing company is beneficial when making roofing decisions for your low slope roof or flat roof scenario.