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Asphalt shingle roofing continues to remain the most popular type of roof you can buy in the Texas area. Fort Worth contractors, however, have taken to recommend the superior benefits of composite and architectural asphalt shingles. Even though these types of shingles are more expensive due to their robust construction and impressive durability, many experts claim that the small added price is well worth it when the result is that they could end up doubling the lifespan of your roof in some cases.


If you keep to proper maintenance and continue to take good care of your asphalt shingle roof, chances are that it will go from a lifespan of 10-15 years, to more than 20. In the case of a composite roof, that change will likely lead to a lifespan exceeding three decades.


Aside from long term resilience, composite shingles installed by an experienced Fort Worth roofing company are also superior in terms of their weatherproofing and storm damage prevention. The shingles are less likely to break, and the newest designs are also catchy and energy efficient.


If you add some upgrades to your roof, you’ll find that it will not require too many repairs down the line. So even if you buy a more expensive composite shingle roof with the best upgrades, chances are you can minimize your long term expenses by avoiding spending a lot of money on maintenance, repair jobs and complete roof replacements down the line.