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Given the climate change, Dallas roofers increasingly recommend various green roofing options. These include, besides the actual green, vegetable roofs, other ecological solutions that reduce energy consumption, such as cool roofing solutions by companies like Lon Smith Roofing of Dallas, as well as reflective materials (e.g., metal shingles or white materials and coatings).

Not least, there are solar roofs, which are expected to “feed” more and more with energy the buildings of the future. Taking advantage of the solar energy starts with the installation of solar panels or tiles – directly on the roof, or on special supports. They will generate electricity, which will be driven to a solar inverter that changes the electric current produced, from continuous to alternating. The transformation takes place to ensure compatibility with residential systems. Then, the electricity produced by the solar roof is ready for use by household appliances and any other types of equipment.

Among the most important advantages regarding the use of green roofing options for residential buildings, we mention:

  • Considerable reduction of the electricity bill (by up to 60% or more, in the case of solar roofs)
  • Increased value of a house (green roofing options are considered premium and, if you put your house up to sale, such a roof will definitely attract potential buyers and make them willing to pay more it)
  • Residential solar power in particular puts an end to the aberrant increases in electricity and gas bills, and green roofing options in general reduce energy consumption
  • The production of solar energy is clean