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Fort Worth is an area that is frequently hit by storms and it is also located in a hot climate zone, which makes life especially stressful for the roofs in the area. Local roofs are usually made from especially sturdy and resistant materials, but even so, the time when replacement is the only way to address recurrent faults will inevitably come for every roof. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether repair or replacement is the best course of action:

  • The amount of damage – a damaged shingle or a few tiles that get cracked or chipped during a storm are usually issues that can be easily fixed by replacing only the damaged components. However, if you see that over 30% of your roof has sustained damage, with most of your shingles curling or torn, the best solution is probably roof replacement;
  • The age of your roof – a roof that is approaching the end of its lifespan is a roof that is weak and that can sustain extensive damage when affected by extreme weather. If your roof is old, start preparing for the replacement before the first signs of severe damage;
  • Frequent leaks – if leaks follow in succession despite professional Fort Worth roofing companies repairs, the problem indicates that your roof is generally compromised and best replaced.