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Fort Worth, TX—Lon Smith Roofing today held its second quarterly Roof for Vets event of the year and was joined by Mayor Betsy Price at the ceremony.  The Roof for Vets program honors local North Texas veterans who need a new roof but may not be able to purchase one.

“Lon Smith Roofing believes that to whom much is given much is expected,” said Lon Smith Vice President Scott Hamilton. And that’s why we started the Roof for Vets program three years ago.”

Today’s Roof for Vets event honored Raymond Barton, a 95-year-old Marine Veteran of World War II.  He was stationed in Fort Worth at the end of the war and has lived in the same East Fort Worth house since 1953.

“With medical expenses and his fixed income, buying a new roof is not an option,” Hamilton added. Today, he is getting one, free of charge as the recipient of the Roof for Vets program.”

“MAYOR: Thank you, Scott.  And thank you to the Barton family and thank you to Marine Staff Sergeant Barton for your service.  In 1943, you joined the Marine Corps and went to the Pacific Theater when our country needed you.  Immediately, after the war you found yourself stationed at the Marine Base at Eagle Mountain Lake.  And you’ve been living in Fort Worth ever since.

“Fort Worth is a great city because it has great residents like Staff Sergeant Barton,” Mayor Price said at the event.  “But Fort Worth is also a great city because it has great companies like Lon Smith Roofing. The Roof for Vets program is a great way to honor those who have honored us by serving in the military.”

For more information on the Roof for Vets program, visit lonsmith.com