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Slate is considered a premium material – which is also reflected by its high price. A slate roof withstands extreme weather conditions. Due to its properties, it is strong enough and flexible at the same time. As for the weight, slate belongs to the category of heavy roofing Fort Worth TX materials. A slate roof does not require too much maintenance and it is probably the most durable – all those historic buildings covered with slate, which have lasted for hundreds of years and still stand, are the best proof.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from clay burnt at a high temperature, which is where their excellent heat resistance comes from. They are another very aesthetic roofing option. The disadvantage of a ceramic roof is its weight and vulnerability to mechanical damage. Also, there is limited mounting variability – ceramic tiles can be installed only on roofs with a certain slope. However, this is compensated by durability of such a roof, which can reach a hundred years.

Stone coated metal shingles

Stone coated metal shingles have a core made of quality steel, protected against corrosion by zinc fire, this being one of the most durable roofing materials in the world (over 80 years). They withstand any climatic conditions and are lightweight, less than 7 kg/ sqm, producing considerable savings in construction costs.