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One of the major decisions you need to make concerning your roofing system is whether you should go for a flat or a sloped one. To make the right choice, it is essential to understand some basic things about these two roofing solutions.

Pitched roofs are the classic, time-tested solution that many homeowners prefer. When having to make up your mind, you should consider the exact type of building or house that you have. Another important detail concerns the amount of money you intend on investing in your roofing project. And yet another major detail refers to the exact amount of roofing Dallas TX maintenance that you are willing to do, in general.

Pitched roofs offer a traditional curb appeal to mostly any type of building. When going for this option, you will certainly make your house match the rest of your neighborhood, unless your house is located in an industrial area.

In general, a pitched roof is considered to last longer. But this may depend on the materials and accessories you use for your roof. Flat roofs offer a more contemporary aesthetic, with minimalist lines. The upfront costs also tend to be much lower, but they need more maintenance than pitched roofs.