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Water infiltration is one of the costliest problems in the roofing industry. Water leaks can lead to the destruction of thermal insulation, loss of its thermal properties, structural damage to the support plate, be it sheet metal or concrete, as well as material damage inside the building. All these typically cost commercial building owners enormous amounts of money each year. In addition, these leaks often lead to the need for premature replacement of the roof cover.

Infrared checking is a modern and very effective method for a Dallas roofing contractor to deal with roof leaks, which brings significant benefits:

  • Quickly and accurately identifies roof areas affected by moisture
  • Reduces costs with heating and cooling the indoor building environment
  • Eliminates the need to replace roofs that normally should have lasted much longer
  • Identifies roof problems before they become large and expensive
  • Increases the service life of the existing roof
  • Provide accurate facts for a correct budgeting
  • Reduces water damage to the building and roof structure
  • It is a valuable tool for those who want to sell, buy or rent a building with a flat roof

How does an infrared scan of a roof work?

During the day, the sun emits energy that is absorbed by the roof, and then, at night, the roof radiates it into the outer space. Those roof surfaces with a higher mass (wet) retain heat longer than those with a lower mass (dry), and infrared scanning detects precisely this heat, indicating the problematic areas.