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commercial roofing vs residential Dallas area

No, quite the contrary! A commercial flat roof has a simple structure, being covered with membranes of various types, which are quite easy to repair by patching or performing small fixes that are made quickly and efficiently by professional roofers.

If the membrane is damaged on a very large surface, then it needs to be replaced, but this process is also relatively simple, especially if modern single-ply membranes are used, as they have a simplified installation technology compared to older solutions (BUR systems).

On the other hand, residential roofs are pitched, therefore, from the start, there are several challenges related to working on these roofs (the installation of safety systems, additional to those used in flat roofs, is necessary). They can also have complex shapes, with many joints, and are covered with tiles or shingles. Replacing of a broken tile or shingle may not be such a big deal, but if the damage is more extensive, the repairs could take a little longer.

In general, the duration of repairs may also depend on the roofing Dallas TX company you hire for the job. A reliable roofer will be as prompt as possible, but if you are not careful enough, you may end up with a roofer that constantly delays its schedule and puts you on a waiting list.